7 Essential Principles of Business Social Etiquette for Executives and Entrepreneurs:


We are now in an "Era of Behavior," where our behavior is our greatest source of competitive advantage. 

Join The Leader & The Muse host, Rasheryl McCreary, and her guest, Lena Koropey, to discover the power of your personal brand, and the 7 Essential Principles of Business Social Etiquette for Executives and Entrepreneurs, to help you "out-behave" the competition:


Top 3 Questions to Get the Job:

The following list of questions is a practical example of Gramercy Protocol's expertise to help you get the job whether you are interviewing for a position or pitching a client. 


The secret is in understanding a person's needs and being able to meet those needs.


1. "Please help me understand what it is exactly you hope to accomplish by bringing someone such as myself on to your team?"

Listen closely to the response and take notes.


2. "What do you see as the 3 - 4 things that are critical to get the job done?"

Listen and write down each of the points mentioned.

Then reach into your professional experience and state specific examples of how you addressed each point.


After they are finished speaking and the interview is nearly complete, ask humbly yet with confidence:


3. "Do you think there is a good fit for us to be working together?"

Do not speak until they speak first. 


Lastly, say:


"I want the job."

Do not speak until they speak first.


You have to ask for the job!