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Business Etiquette With A Heart Connection- 8 Tips to Help You Move Forward and Be Your Best
1. Remember that you hold the power of the universe. Stardust. Embrace that infinite power and move forward with conviction.

2. Look to your heart for the answers. Trust that you know.

3. Stay focused and on track with your dreams. “What is life but to dream and do?”

4. You matter. The world needs you to get out of your own way and show up. You make a difference for others and the world. Embrace your “OSMs!”

5. The universe conspires to help you achieve your goal when you are in harmony with your truth. Allow it.

6. Lead with your heart- A little kindness goes a long way.

7. Seek that which brings you joy.

8. “Love and accept everyone just as they are, starting with yourself.” - Vallori Thomas
Dining Etiquette for Business
Good Behavior is Good Business
The Gramercy Protocol interactive Dining Etiquette for Business workshop will help you learn to dine with grace, ease and confidence. 

Build relationships, enhance your network, and make a positive impression. 

Workshop Highlights Include:
- Body Language and First Impressions
- Effective Business Meal Tactics
- Host and Guest Duties
- Silverware Savvy
- Seating Protocol 
- Styles of Eating – American and European/Continental
- Toasting
- The Silent Service Code
- Dining Dos and Don’ts

Lena Koropey, Entrepreneur, Etiquette Expert, and Founder of Gramercy Protocol, provides strategic business etiquette and communication skills training to Fortune 100 companies, representing some of the world’s most respected brands.

Recognized globally as an etiquette expert, Lena has been featured in a variety of media outlets including ForbesTIME, USA TODAY, Fox News, and Inside Edition.

Ms. Koropey is expanding her ‘Good Behavior is Good Business’ etiquette platform with STRIP TEES T-shirts for men, women and children to inspire KINDNESS, CONNECTIVITY AND LOVE FOR THE WORLD.

Next up in The Eight Senses, “One Sense At A Time” event series is “Celebrating The Sense Of Common Sense.” 

A Common Sense session, led by Lena Koropey, Founder of Gramercy Protocol, will be the featured experience for the evening.

Guests will learn practical tools to maximize Efficiency and Self-Awareness to achieve success.

Shifting the World with Kindness

Lena Koropey is creating a human chain of Kindness throughout the World with STRIP TEES. Why is this important and how can you participate?

Join us Thursday, November 2 @ 11am EST On The Edge.

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On the Edge with Liza Pullman is a syndicated radio show produced by TalkZone that takes listeners to the frontier of human potential.  What really is possible? Experts in medicine, business, science, and belief systems divulge methods and pathways to productivity, profitability, well-being, freedom and happiness.

Lehigh Women in Business Conference

Featuring Keynote Speaker, Lena Koropey, Founder of Gramercy Protocol, speaking on the topic:

Balancing Success and Happiness

The idea of “If I work harder, I’ll be more successful. If I’m more successful, then I’ll be happier” is a broken formula for success.

The human brain performs significantly better when happy and positive than at negative, neutral, or stressed. This means that if we can find a way to be happy, then our brains can work even harder, faster, and more intelligently. We don’t have to sacrifice our happiness for success - we can simply have both.

The Lehigh Women in Business spring conference provides a distinguished opportunity for Lehigh students and alumni to engage in professional and personal development through a value-added speaker series. The series will inspire individuals and promote awareness of important issues facing leaders.