When companies contact our office looking for an etiquette expert in New York, we recommend they contact Lena Koropey with Gramercy Protocol.  Lena Koropey is certified and trained from The Protocol School of Washington and understands how to make adult learning fun.  With attention given to the client's needs, she provides business etiquette and protocol training for small businesses to premium brands in luxury markets.

- Pamela Eyring
  President & Director
  The Protocol School of Washington

Dear Lena, I wanted to thank you for all of the important details you imparted to our team last night. The managers took away some very useful tips. I have to say that I enjoyed observing you demonstrating good etiquette at the dinner table and making it appear so seamless.  It really was a pleasure.  Many thanks. 

- Zane Rhodes
  Product Training Manager

  Louis Vuitton

I initially met Lena in her capacity as the president of her business school's alumni association, being impressed with her acumen, insights and facilitation skills, I invited her to teach a post graduate course at Parsons School of Design on professional design practice, creative team dynamics and leadership. Lena went beyond this brief to collaborate on the redevelopment of the course and assisted very significantly in convening and moderating a successful series of panel discussions. Across her teaching, preparation of materials and through her moderation and public presentation work, Lena exemplifies a high level of organization, poise, attention to detail, care and commitment to each project.

- Aaron Fry
  Associate Professor of Strategic Design and Management

  Parsons School of Design (2006 - 2021)

  Postgraduate Director, Design

  University of Auckland

Great Business Etiquette and Networking Skills seminar! Learning new ways or proper ways to interact with my clients is helpful in earning new business.

- Jason Taxier
  Staffing Manager
  Robert Half International

Thoroughly enjoyed working with Gramercy Protocol which brought the desired results in time and within budget.

- Han Tjan

  Head of Corporate Communications

  Daimler AG

The Business Social Etiquette workshop was informative and entertaining. I wish it could have been longer!

- Joe Eisley

   Project Leader- US/Canada Ingredient Solutions

  Ingredion Incorporated

The training we received from Gramercy Protocol was first-class.  Ms. Koropey is highly professional and actually made learning etiquette fun and interesting.  We've been dining Continental style ever since.

- Matthew Hoey



Fantastic presentation. Very well tailored to the program.

- Evan Klimas

  Freeman College of Management Student

  Bucknell University

Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us.  The team felt the information was valuable and enjoyed the conversational nature of your presentation.

- Eric Guthoff

   Founding Partner


I enjoyed learning about the different introduction methods and host / guest protocol.

- Doug Garofalo
  Senior Accountant

Great Media Training workshop.  The session was highly valuable.

- Dan Langford
  Chief Financial Officer


Dear Lena, Thank you for the Outclass the Competition seminar you expertly presented to my peer educators this semester. I was very impressed by how you tailored the content and discussion style to best serve the students' needs. They loved the practical insider etiquette tips on joining an active conversation during networking opportunities, especially when they practiced these skills through role playing exercises. I appreciated your poised enthusiasm and energy that kept the students engaged throughout the training, and how you made yourself available afterwards to address each of their individual questions. It is my absolute pleasure to recommend you and Gramercy Protocol for superior business etiquette education. On behalf of Rutgers-Newark's Health Promotion Division of Health Services, thanks again for this fun, enriching and professional experience.

- Theresa Tantay-Wilson 
  Director, Health Promotion Division of Health Services

  Rutgers University

The Business Etiquette seminar information was highly valuable. Coming from another country, it's important to understand the savoir faire and etiquette in the United States.
- Davide Berretti
  Chief Financial Officer

  Am Cast Inc.

We need this information here and to make it available to other people.

- Jhon Tamayo

  Founder and President

  Atmananda Yoga Sequence

I can't think of anyone better qualified than Lena Koropey to teach Business Etiquette and Protocol. Her MBA and professional experience working with premium brands informs her understanding of why etiquette skills are so crucial for executive level success. Her training and experience as an etiquette and protocol consultant uniquely positions her to translate that understanding of why into the refined and encompassing knowledge of how. Lena Koropey offers her clients the rarest of qualifications; she is, without doubt, the best of both worlds.

- Jeannette Dunn


  P & Q Protocol

The Business Etiquette and Networking Skills session was highly valuable.  I enjoyed the interactive aspect of the talk.

- Thomas Richards


   Bank of America

Great presentation.  The link between behavior and values was very informative and useful for future career endeavors.

- Caitlin Forde

  Senior Sociology Student

  Kean University

The students enjoyed your talk and found it to be very beneficial.  I was able to get to know you as a person and that human contact that you preach was front and center!  You have a great way of connecting to people and you teach us through example how we can make the world a better place to live by treating one another with respect and kindness.

- Rabbi Richard Kirsch

  Director of Athletics, Judaic Studies and Sociology, Guidance

  Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School

Dear Lena, Thank you for making this event a huge success. Everyone loved the way you provided insights and pointed out the little things that matter the most. I have attended several resume writing workshops in the past, but this was way more relevant - specific and hands on. Needless to say that you are an amazing presenter and you kept the audience engaged throughout the session. Thank you for sharing all this material with us. I sincerely appreciate this. Very helpful.

- Shradha Prakash


  International Dual Career Network (IDCN)

Lena, Thank you for coming up to Gordon. Everyone at the session talked very highly of you and what we learned. The event was informative and I loved that you made it so interactive. 

I look forward to seeing you in the future.

- Zachary Daly

  Presidential Fellows / Student Ambassador

  Gordon College